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So what exactly does ‘advanced therapist mean?’ Well I think it could be true to say that advanced therapist means someone who has put alot of effort in and made it their business to be the best at what they do.  Doing your eyelash extension training course is really just the beginning, at that point you have the theory fresh in your mind of how it should be done, but you, as yet do not have the skill.

Coming away fresh from your eyelash extension training course and getting stuck in straight away gives you the opportunity to maximise everything you learnt on the training day, but if you leave it for weeks before you start doing the eyelash treatment, chances are, you will have forgotten all those little details that give you the edge.

My advice to anyone just starting out would be to set up your eyelash extension models before you come on the training course so that on the very next day you start working.  Make sure you take notes during the training and write them up in easy to read bullet points and keep on your trolley so that you can refer to them and get these points well established in your eyelash extension technique.

Always take before and after photographs for at least the first 20 treatments so you can see just how much your eyelash extensions have improved.  We ask you to do 5 case studies so that we can check your work before issuing a diploma and if we feel you have not quite reached the standard, we work with you and support as much as we can so that your technique impoves.

The important thing for us is that you are good at your eyelash extension treatments and become advanced in everything you learn with us as we know that when doing any kind of training, there is an investment in your time, energy and of course money and we fully respect that.

Here are a few tips on getting really good at your job:

  • Set up models straight away after the course, DON’T wait!
  • Make sure you are not tired when you come to the eyelash extension training so you can give it your fullest attention
  • Take notes and write them up in easy bullet points for your trolley
  • Always ask for feedback, you might not want to hear it, but it is the only way you learn
  • Don’t rush to do paying clients until you have done at least 20 models, you don’t ever want your paying clients to be disappointed – you need the practise first!
  • Take advantage of the experts in the AHFrancis office who are always happy to answer your questions – if in doubt always ask
  • Train as much as possible, once you have completed the foundation training, make sure you book the Master Technician training so that you get the edge
We look forward to getting the best out of you!
Love and best wishes

Alison  x



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