‘Lash Lady’ and founder of AH Francis

Source:  Pure Beauty Magazine
Date:  July 2011

Q:  My lashes are dry and brittle and snap easily. What can I do to strengthen them and get them looking their best?

A: Brittle, breaking lashes are a common problem, but the good news is there is plenty you can do about them. Lashes take a good two to three months on average to grow through; they have a much slower growth cycle than skin replenishment, which only takes around six weeks. You should start by using a good daily lash conditioner. Lashfood is a good product to try, featuring nano-peptide technology for strength and health.

Also, to speed up the growth process and encourage new, healthy lashes try using a growth-promoting product applied to the upper lash line every evening before bedtime, such as Revitalash. Once you have a good base to work on, you can try having some extensions applied to the individual lashes that will not harm their health when applied and removed professionally. To find a fully lash trained technician, log on to my website to find your nearest salon.

If you want an even fuller and thicker lash-look then I recommend a good mascara with conditioners in the formular such as Mascara Terrybly by Terry, which incorporates a tint , conditioners and growth booster, so it’s everything you need all rolled into one.