I thought this would be a great subject this week, as I am a real fan of online learning.  We have recently launched Express Lashes online and are just about to launch Lash Fundamentals which is designed to help struggling newbies.

People often ask me, does it work? My answer is, absolutely! Here are my tips for a successful online learning experience:-

  1. Make a decision to do it. What I mean by that is not just pay for the course, you have to DECIDE in your head to DO it and follow through.
  2. Schedule learning time. It may sound silly, but you have to put it in your diary, otherwise you will go into overwhelm with your routine to do list and other commitments and it simply won’t get done.
  3. Keep engaged with your peers. When you are trying to do online learning alone with no support, it’s easy to drop off and decide to do it later. You absolutely have to stay motivated, and a Facebook group is the perfect way to be part of a group that will help you stay motivated.
  4. Ask questions. However silly you think it is, it is quite likely that someone else will want to ask that questions and you will be doing them a favour by asking. When something comes up, log onto Facebook and post your question immediately.
  5. Start talking about it with your clients, that will keep you motivated as they will be waiting for you to finish the training!

Check out our online interactive learning courses:-

Express Lashes
Lash Fundamentals

Enjoy and have fun with it.