Meet our very inspiring Susan. I had the pleasure of meeting her and asking her about her new career as a lash technician. Susan was born deaf, but did not let that hold her back…here is the interview.

Please tell us about how long you have suffered from being deaf?

I was born profoundly deaf. From childhood I had to go through mainstream school until college. When I was 20 years old, I bumped into my old school buddies and had no idea what they were talking because they went to the deaf school after primary (mainstream). I went to college for a part time course to learn British Sign Language so I could communicate with them, and picked it up easily .

What attracted you to a lash course?

I wanted to change my career as I always loved doing make-up but never thought of becoming a beautician before. Arts has always been my favourite subject. I have done Fashion that didn’t make my dream come true. All my friends always said that they couldn’t do make up and how they wanted me to help. Now I realised that I could do it for them, making beauty business much easier for them as they¬† found it comfortable to communicate with me. I do know I have a few friends that wanted lashes done yet never got them done maybe because they didn’t know how to ask for them in a beauty salon.

How did you find the lash course with our lash guru Karen Gunning?

I was browsing through Facebook and looking for beauty schools. Most of them were not close to my area. My brother found Karen Gunning through one of his clients who had trained from Nottingham. So I thought that the area was not too far away.

What are you plans for your lash career?

At the moment, I will do my sister’s and my friends’ lashes and hopefully hit off from there. I would also like to work in a salon or, if possible, set up one in future, who knows!

What advice would you give others with similar handicaps as yours?

Don’t be afraid, Karen will always check and make sure that you’re taught correctly. No matter what handicap you have, you can achieves what you desire. Push yourself to be successful.

Tell me about your training day at Ellevisage Training Academy.

On the training day, there were two of us which was perfectly great for me. At first, Karen welcomed us in a very friendly way as I had told her that I was only a lip reader. Throughout the training day she made sure that she could talk to me while the other lady was listening. She told her that I am deaf and a lip reader so she wouldn’t mind. I learned lots, and she told me what did I do wrong on the dummy at home before coming to the training. She showed us how to take off the lashes and how to apply. I think the whole day was fantastic experience and I felt satisfied. She provided us yummy homemade lunch. After the training, I stayed a little longer and asked if it was okay to take picture of the whiteboard on which she made notes and yes she was happy for me to do so. I was happy too!