“The season is changeable fitful and maddening as I am myself these days that are cloaked with too many demands and engagements”  May Sarton

Aaah, that adrenaline rush of having clients pouring in the door, or a new project taking off, don’t we just love it, it’s hugely exciting……. but careful you may just get addicted to buzz of being under pressure with all those impending deadlines.  We even start hating weekends because they don’t have the structure that the week days do and we start working all weekend to ‘tie up the loose ends for Monday’, well that is what we tell ourselves, but really we start to forget how to unwind and relax!

Do you ever feel so wound up you can’t sleep at night?  Do you ever feel like you can’t relax? Do you sometimes feel like you are going to explode? Are you one of those who if they are lucky gets five hours of sleep a night?  Well you are not alone.  How to get to sleep is a very common question,  in fact 1,500,000 people are searching on google ‘how to get rid of insomnia’, per month!!  It’s a social epidemic!

One of the side effects of juggling salon, housework, shopping, children or just simply trying to fit life in there somewhere is that we get ourselves so keyed up, we just can’t relax and continue to get even busier!  We are constantly on the run,  even  if we are ready to drop from exhaustion, busy rushing taking care of other people’s needs.  As time goes on you may find you end up pulling your hair out with exhaustion!  (by the way, eventually stress and exhaustion will make your hair fall out!).

After a while all that happens is that things start going wrong, we become obnoxious and moody and the ‘can’t copes’ creep up on us.

Try saying this little affirmation to yourself:  Taking the time for myself when I need it may be allot less exciting than creating a crisis, and it certainly is less messy!

Relax a little now and then!!! 🙂  Off to a Spa in Tuscany this weekend!!!