This time of year, I usually go off to India to see 6 children that I sponsor in an orphanage in India which inspired me to discuss making a contribution outside of ourselves in this blog.  When we are busy trying to make a living, we often forget that giving can have all sorts of positive effects.  Unfortunately too many of us think that we can’t possibly make a difference.  I read an amazing short story in a book called ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ about these star fish that had been washed up on the shore along a coast somewhere in the USA.    Apparently there was thousands of these starfish that were stuck on the beach, if they did not get back into the water they would die.  As a man walked along the sand, one by one, he picked them up and hurtled them back into the ocean.  From the cliff, someone shouted “what on earth are you doing, you can’t possibly make a difference!”.  Without a word the man on the beach picked up another one and threw it into the see, looked up at the cliff and said “made a difference to that one!”  I love that story, because it really shows that even a little helps.

There are 2000 children in this particular orphanage, and I could not possibly sponsor them all, but the ones that I do sponsor and visit regularly now have hope of a better life.  Better than none of the children would you not agree?

The main side of giving of course is the benefit of the charity you are supporting, but there are also some very positive side effects for your business.  These are some examples of things you could do:-

  • You could do a marketing campaign whereby you gave 10% of the proceeds to charity, you could perhaps get some free publicity in the local papers and radio.
  • You could run a charity evening where you do a presentation on a particular treatment, raise money and promote your salon.
  • You could do a sponsored walk on behalf of your salon for charity, and again, get some free publicity
  • You could sponsor a child on behalf of your salon and keep your clients updated on the child

So you see, what is sometimes seen as something one can’t afford, one has no time to organise or one thinks with the little bit you can contribute it won’t make a difference, you are wrong!

I hope I have inspired you to think about giving.  If you would like information on the orphanage I support, please contact me!


Alison x