I remember my very first experience with lashes extensions….it was horrible!!!

I had the wrong tweezers, a very short introduction to the technique and I was struggling. It even brought me to tears as my frustration grew. I was dropping the lashes as soon as I picked them up, I could not seem to pick them up properly, and just could not get more then 20 lashes on in one hour…yes, it was bad! I needed help!!! At the point that I was about to throw the whole lot in the bin, my mentor at the time, reached out to me and said ‘let me help’! I never looked back! She showed me what was missing in my technique and helped me understand where I was going wrong. Following an awful lot of practice, I felt confident enough to share it with the UK….and here I am!!

The scary thing is that I could have missed an amazing opportunity by not asking for help. I could have continued to practice using the wrong technique, and gradually loose all my customers and my confidence. I am so grateful that I did not fall into that trap. I realised that I could not do something with shakey foundations and missing vital information. No amount of practice could sort out my issues unless I was prepared to go back to the drawing board.

My message to you today is DON’T GIVE UP! Being a lashpreneur is a fantastic career if you have the right training and skills under your belt. That is the reason I wanted to create my Lash Fundamentals Online Training course to give you that extra bit of information and help that you need to get your lash business off the ground.

This is the journey of ‘unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence and conscious incompetence to conscious competence’. I promise it will be worth it if you just take the time to get the foundations right.

With love