These days, being a technophobe can really affect your business – and not in a good way!

Technology moves so very fast these days. Website technical abilities have gone off the scale and if you don’t have sign-up forms, professional newsletters and at least two of the social media platforms handled, you will be left behind.

These days, people go to the internet for everything; they search there for information no longer available in newspapers and magazines – and we’re no longer satisfied with just a phone number and address! We want to know what the company does, how they do it, what people think of it, how successful they are, whether they offer any extras, whether there’s a deal on. Think about it: do you buy your local paper, or do you just look online to see what you need to know?

It’s not enough to just do a great job these days – you have to demonstrate that you can do a great job, and that you know your niche inside and out. You should be writing blogs to show off your expertise; clients expect that these days – just as you expect to read my blogs and to receive my weekly newsletters.

How is your branding? Does your Facebook page match your other social media channels? Do you have the same logo or profile picture on every platform? Do you post regularly on Facebook and engage with your followers? If not, you should be! You need to be out there, chatting and engaging and providing useful information – so that the minute someone thinks of lashes or beauty treatments, your name is on the tip of their tongues.

Look at your email. Does your signature tell people who you are, what you do, where they can find you? What about your email address? I’m sorry but is not a professional email address! It looks like something you set up in five minutes when you were in college, as if your business won’t be around long enough to have its own email address. You should have an email address that clearly tells people who you are; if they find it scrawled on a scrap of paper, they should know who it relates to immediately. You should have or something very similar. It looks sleek and professional, and like you mean business and are sticking around!

These days it’s really easy to get basic things like a website, a Facebook, a Twitter, an email. And because it’s so easy to get, you really stick out – in a bad way – if you don’t have those things. If you don’t have a solid online presence, you will fall off the radar very quickly, I’m afraid!

Alison xxx