A bad workman (or woman) blames their tools, as the old saying goes. However, it helps if the right tools are being used in the first place when your goal is to do a perfect set of Rapid Volume lashes.

We recently launched our very popular Volume Fan lashes and at the same time, we also launched some new tools to help you do an amazing job.  We want you to delight your clients and we’re always looking around for great stuff to share with you.

These new tools include the jade stone, glue dots, curved tweezers and our new generation Rapid Volume adhesive.  So what are they for?


Jade Stone and Glue Dots

We love our new jade stones and glue dots! Every therapist should have these on their trolley. They are so quick and easy to use and could even save you cash.

You only need a small dot of glue because you don’t want to overload the lash with glue and let it run up the fan.  So using the jade stone helps you control how much glue you’re using, rather than filling up the well of the glue tray or glue ring. Just squeeze a small dot of glue on the jade stone and replenish every 15 minutes.  This means that your glue is always lovely and fresh. Remember, the Rapid Volume Adhesive dries super fast, so refreshing often is the best practice to maintain the bonding power and workability.

The glue dots are great as they cover the jade stone and are disposable, so no more having to clean glue trays and rings or having to use acetone to clean your jade stone. They make it so much quicker to clean up in between clients so that everything looks professional and fresh for the next client.

The glue also sits on the glue dot and does not run.  It stays in a nice neat bubble rather than getting absorbed in the tape.  It will also keep the centre of the glue fresh and last longer.

Don’t forget to sterilise the jade stone regularly. Between clients to prevent cross-contamination, you should wipe with a disinfectant solution.


Curved Tweezers

We all know that straight tweezers are an essential piece of every lashpreneurs kit and are perfect for isolating and picking up for classic lash extensions.

Curved tweezers are also a fabulous tool for isolating the lashes, in fact, some lashpreneurs prefer them.  They’re great for isolating tricky lashes because they open a bit wider.  Remember, when using them to isolate, turn the tweezers to face the lashes.

Curved tweezers are a must for Rapid Volume lashes.  You can’t pick up the fans with straight tweezers.  You’ll get in a terrible muddle if you try!  The curved end scoops nicely under the root of the fan when picking the lashes up out of the pack.


Rapid Volume Adhesive

We’ve probably left the most exciting new product until last!

Our new Rapid Volume adhesive is a new generation of glue which has been designed specifically for us.  It was specifically designed to work with our new volume fan lashes.

It is a remarkably strong and quick drying adhesive and as it has a lower fume than many other adhesives, we’re sure that you and your clients will love it.

The really good news is that you won’t have to change how you work, or how you store it. What’s not to love!