Ever get backache?  Unfortunately backache is a hazard of the job as a lashpreneur and you need to look after yourself if you are planning on a long career!

Backache is a nuisance and it puts you in a bad mood, but really you should be grateful for it as it is a message from your body letting you know that it is not happy and you need to do something about it.  If you imagine that when doing your eyelash extensions you have your neck stuck out as you focus on the client’s lashes, your lower back is working hard to stabilise you as you lean forward and your head is is extremely heavy, you can understand just how hard this is on the neck and the back.

Project 10 years ahead of you, hopefully you imagine yourself being successful, earning great money and maybe having more eyelash extension therapists working with you etc etc, but what if you just ignore that back pain?  Well, you will look back and probably regret not doing something about it.

I thought it would be good topic this week as I had to visit a chiropractor myself.  I have seen a series of people recently and it was not until I met the amazing Georgie Baker of Neals yard in Salisbury that I realised how important it is to see the right person.  After seeing several cranial osteopathy people and a normal osteopath I was recommended to Georgie.

Well I have to say, she is the most inspiring woman I have met in a long time. Energetically, she was shining like a bright beautiful light and professionally what she did not know about the human body is non-bodies business.   She was awesome and sorted me out in one sitting!  Correct the standing posture because of XYZ, don’t sleep on your belly because of XYZ and add these stretches to your yoga practise was the diagnosis.  What I liked about it was she explained exactly why and how to correct it, usually you just get ‘aaah yes, this is out of alignment and that is tight’ a quick massage and off you go until it rears it’s ugly head again.  A bit like doing lashes, you should know why you do things in a certain way right?!

My advice…listen to your body, your body never lies!

Take care of yourself.

Love  Alison!xx