We all want to be a goddess, right?  A goddess has special body language that’s like witchcraft and sorcery.  These woman just seem to be able to make it happen!

What’s their secret?

It’s all down to confidence and that’s what lashes do for you.  If you’ve ever had trouble selling lash extensions to your clients, try selling the confidence and glamour.  That’s really what every woman wants.  Lash extensions are the feature, not the benefit!

A woman of glamour is a magnet with magic powers that elevates mundane reality through the right combination of spells. Glamour is not all about low cut gowns and red nails.  When you’ve got gorgeous eyelashes, a touch of lip gloss, even jeans and a baggy jumper looks glamourous!

Here’s the AHFrancis recipe for glamour:

  • One part personality
  • One part charm
  • One part compassion
  • Always a smile
  • Add a little clothes sense
  • Mix with beautiful clear skin and lash extensions.
  • Voila – you have glamour!

Make sure you’re your own advert.  When clients walk through the door, be the goddess they want to be and you’ll never have trouble selling your lash services.



Make sure you look gorgeous whenever you’re working.  Clients will notice, they won’t want to have their treatment from someone who looks like she could do a little lipstick herself!

Spruce the salon up too

Maybe get some different music, move the pictures around get some scented candles and make the space seem fresh and new. People love to walk into a salon and feel that there’s a new beginning on its way!

Special offers always go down a treat in January and are a great way to pull in those clients who are trying to save money after some festive excess but still want to look good (isn’t that all of us?).

One really important thing is to pay attention to your bathroom.

Have you ever been to a really lovely place, only to find the toilets are horrid? When your client uses your bathroom, make sure it’s every bit as comfortable and lovely as the rest of your salon.

Provide luxury, gorgeous-smelling soaps and fluffly hand towels.  Don’t forget the hand cream and perhaps a few girly essentials.

And of course, make sure it’s clean and the door is lockable!