How to be a Goddess

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We all want to be a goddess, don’t we girls? But it’s been raining for about four hundred years, and everything is damp, and now it’s getting cold too, and we’ve all got that post-Christmas slump! But you still want to look like an absolute vision when your eyelash extension clients walk through that door; if you look like everyone feels, they might just turn around and walk straight back out again!

Even when it’s stupid o-clock on Monday morning, and your brain is still snuggled under your duvet, and you’re not quite sure if you locked the front door on your way out this morning, it’s important to look like you have everything sorted! The easiest way to do this is to make sure your uniform is always smart, clean and ironed. Better yet, start 2014 in style and get a new uniform! Make sure you look gorgeous whenever you’re working; clients will notice, and won’t be keen to have a their eyelash extension treatment from someone who looks like she could do with one or two for herself!

Spruce up your salon a little! Maybe get some different music, move the pictures around, scented candles; something to make the space seem fresh for the new year. People love to walk into a salon and feel that there’s a new beginning on its way! And obviously, special offers always go down a treat in January and are a great way to pull in those clients who are trying to save money after some festive excess but still want to look good (isn’t that all of us?).

One really important thing is to pay attention to your bathroom. Have you ever been to a really lovely place, only to find the toilets are horrid? When your client uses your bathroom, make sure it’s every bit as comfortable and lovely as the rest of your salon. Provide luxury, gorgeous-smelling soaps and fluffly hand towels, hand cream, perhaps a few girly essentials. And of course, make sure it is clean and the door is lockable!

For special, long-standing clients, offer them some chocolates – and maybe have one for yourself! My personal favourite is Booja Booja chocolates; they’re organic and dairy free, and made in Norfolk. Delicious! Everyone needs a bit of Booja Booja in their lives!

Another great thing to do is goal setting, which I wrote about in a previous post. Writing down a list of your goals at the start of the year is a great way to focus yourself for the months ahead. For a bit of help, why not attend the Goal Setting for Goddesses online seminar with myself and my good friend Lulu Mungur on Wednesday 29th. This is sure to set you up and goddessify you for the year!

But of course, the most important part of being a goddess in 2014 is to wear eyelashes! Use yourself to promote your product and show your clients how fabulous eyelash extensions can look! Have a bit of fun with your colleagues after hours and do each other’s eyelash extensions to ensure you all look amazing for work! Be a salon goddess, and enjoy 2014!

With love and best wishes for an amazing 2014.

Alison xx

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