Blepharitis and lash extensions is becoming worryingly too connected.  Since the lash extensions boom it’s happening too often and we need to look after our clients through education and awareness.

We all know that having lash extensions is addictive, and we certainly don’t want clients to get put off.

Maintenance and cleaning the lashes is super important to protect the natural lashes and improve the longevity of lash extensions.

Blepharitis is very uncomfortable.  Educating clients to keep their eyelids and lashes clean is very important.  It involves giving the client information and the right products to look after their eyes and eyelids while having lash extensions.

Sometimes clients don’t cleanse the eyelids properly.

…….and dead skin cells and oil builds up along the lash line.

If the eyes aren’t cleansed properly it’s possible that the client will develop Blepharitis. This presents itself as swollen, sore irritated eyelids, usually along the lash line with redness and dry flaky skin.

If this happens, the client will rub their eyes which will cause damage to the natural lashes and break off the lash extensions.


Encourage clients to use our AHFrancis Foaming Lash Wash.  It’s specially designed to use with lash extensions.  Easy to use with a sponge tip applicator (not with a cotton bud as the fibres can get caught up in the lash extensions).

Encourage clients to not wear too much concealer and foundation around the eye area.  Oil can affect the bonding and lash longevity.

Also SPF creams can also affect the lashes if applied too close to the lashes!

When clients wash their face or get out the shower, the clients should pat the lashes dry and not rub them.

Lashes extensions are a wonderful thing but care must to taken to look after and retain the lovely fullness all our clients love.

Make sure you cover eye care in your consultaltons.  Factor it into your lash treatment.  It’s well worth it if your clients want to retain their lashes.