This morning was our broccoli breakfast club.  You may have read in my previous blogs about the famous green breakfast club where we eat breakfast together and talk about everything from business development, personal development, health issues, what kind of curtains should go on this window or that window….etc, etc, etc.

The difference about the breakfast is that it is not coffee and croissants, but rye bread toast with hummus, broccoli and peas. Topped with chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with a dash of Braggs aminos and organic virgin olive oil.  Rye bread being easier to digest, hummus and peas packed with protein and broccoli for the antioxidants.  Chia seeds are packed with calcium, fatty acids, magnesium and more…Check out this blog post on Huffington Post for more insights on chia seeds.

The result of our breakfast is always a super inspiring couple of hours.  Our little club is a kind of networking club with no joining fee.  The only criteria is that you are open minded and positive.  That does not mean you can’t come with problems, quite the opposite in fact.  We actually solve problems in the group and help each other move in in the world with abundance, health and joyfulness.  Taking action is always easier with some positive energy behind you.

Having a peer group that serves you is vital if you are trying to get on with your business or even your life.  You need people around you that serve the highest in you and certainly no-one that ‘pisses on your bonfire’.  Do excuse the expression, but I wanted to really make that point.  I promise you negativity will drag you down.

The conversation this morning was very much focused on Louise Hay.  For those of you who don’t know her, Louise Hay is 86 and incredibly beautiful.  She was raped when she was five, her husband had an affair after 14 years of marriage,  then she found she had cervical cancer which she put down to her unwillingness to let go of the resentment over her childhood abuse and rape.  Instead of going for medical treatment, she began forgiveness therapy, a nutritional overhaul and other types of alternative therapies.  She overcame her cancer and lived to tell the tale, in fact more than that, she is now in her eighties as an epitome of beauty and positivity.

“You can heal your life” is her most famous work, and I encourage you to read it, it could really heal your life!!  This is also available on audio book which is read by the author and much easier to digest as you can listen to it on the go or in the car!  I call that ‘no extra time’.  That means, you can’t use the excuse of not enough time.  You can multi-task.

Onwards and upwards ladies!


Alison x

“Inside of me lie all the answers to all the questions I will ever ask”  Louise