The easiest extra bit of cash you can ever make in the salon is eyebrows……EVERYONE that walks through your door, well 90% anyway would benefit from an eyebrow shape and define.

Brows should be strong and appropriate for the face and hair colouring, and should never be overlooked.  All my clients that came in for some sort of facial treatment never walked out the door with untidy eyebrows.

Facials, waxing, eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments all should be finished off with brow enhancement. For me, it wasn’t necessarily about the money, it was also about my pride, I loved my clients to look and feel more beautiful as they left to continue their day

Its a well known fact that eyebrows frame the face.  When you look at someone, especially an older face that is greying, if the brow is undefined and weak, all you will see is a sagging face and any dark circles or bags.  By simply making the brow stronger and more defined, the eyes look brighter and imperfections fade into the background because the onlooker’s eye is drawn into the stronger feature of the face.

Lets turn our attention for a moment on what the ‘extra cash’ could mean to you…..If you have 5 clients per day, and you did three brow shapes out of five every day for 5 days a week at £10 per brow, that is £30 per day…..£150 per week….£600 per month……AND an extra £7200 per year!!!!

So, all I can say is brows, brows, brows!!!  Look out for our fabulous new brow kit on special offer this weekend!


Alison x