Doing loads of Eyelash Extensions, but no time for love?

Are you running yourself ragged trying to keep up with business, cleaning, family, cooking, children and heaven forbid time for you.

What about Valentines day, no time for that either?

Well, let me tell you are not alone, it’s a modern day disorder. I remember a time when I was absolutely exhausted to the point of collapse. I had no energy, I was not sleeping, I could barely function as I had just too much on my plate and what really brought it home to me was that I actually started resenting my clients.

“Stop right there” I thought

I had to do something about it as my clients were my livelihood, and without them I would have no business. What started as positive,  I had clients literally queuing up, became a nightmare.

This was a time of great confusion as I just had no time to do anything, I even started looking in the mirror and seeing a tired old person, older than her years, and that was a terrible advert.

Often what happens is you have to reach a certain point before you start listening. As it so happened two of my dear friends scooped me up, sat me down at lunch and said “You look a mess, what is going on?”

It hit me, I just had to make some changes, I decided to take on a cleaner, drop a few days in the salon and take on a PA, I never looked back.

I know that sounds like a lot all in one go, but there are ways and means of doing it economically and intelligently.

Firstly, a cleaner is a must as the time you spend cleaning as I did could be spent on your business, researching your competition and dreaming up promotions, just taking this one step could transform you life.

What you need to do is think how productively you are using your time?

There is no comparison between 2 hours cleaning and 2 hours newsletter writing, especially when these are the only 2 hours you have unless you do the cleaning at 11am at night which is what I used to do. Believe me, in the long run it is just not worth it.

Taking time out of the salon to work on your business is vital.

Otherwise what happens is you get stuck in the your treatment room and the rest of world goes on without you. You need to be abreast of what is going on, and the only way you can do that is by giving it a bit of time. Just when are you going to try out new products, read up on new techniques and catch up on the beauty gossip? Even if its just one day a week, that is great start ….believe me.

The other big leap is the PA or receptionist. Can you imagine having someone on reception sorting out your clients as they come in and go out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your room prepared for you in between clients and have someone confirm your clients so that you have no ‘no shows’. Think how many extra clients you could fit in, the PA or receptionist would more than pay for themselves.

The upshot of all this is you end up with a more successful, more relaxed, wealthier, more beautiful you. That can’t be bad.

My advice….Just take one step and you will feel better, get yourself a red dress a glass of champagne and you will feel marvellous.

Good luck!