I was in London the other day on the tube and I could not help but check myself out in the window…..I used to wear bright red or orange lipstick, in fact, would not be seen without it. Somehow it does not look right anymore.  I just look over done, and in fact it seems to pile the years on.  I never thought there would be time when I would be wearing subtle shades of dusky pink lipgloss!!!

I happened to be doing a workshop that day where there were a couple of women in the early thirties with the most wonderful bright lipstick on.  As I looked on admiringly, I thought to myself, actually, I am OK with dusky pink lipgloss.  Less is definitely more now.

When I think of super beauty Joan Collins, she still wears as much make up as ever and although she does look good, her make up is all wrong.  (Sorry Joan, you are still beautiful, but maybe a re-think on the make up)!

I also think that our lives are about different things over the years.  I remember in my twenties it was all about how I looked. In my thirties it was all about business and money, in my forties it was about my spiritual path, and now in my fifties it’s about contribution.  I actually feel very clear about that.  What am I going to do with all the bricks and mortar anyway,  just collecting things is no longer what drives me. Being abundant for me means I can give back.

That was partly behind my decision to move into helping qualified eyelash extension technicians make a success of their business as opposed to keep training more and more and more people.  How about those that never make it and who have paid for training already but totally frustrated?

I also had the pleasure last week of hosting the family that run the orphanage in India I support.  As Neva, the daughter of the founder, explained, life for low caste women in India is about being beaten by your husband if you are lucky enough to have one, otherwise you are picking stones out of a river while your feet are being eaten by parasites and having just about enough to eat something.  A roof over your head would be luxury. Maybe we should all start being just more grateful that we have choice, which is so much more than many, many women in the east.

I would love to hear what you feel your life is about and what drives you.

If you feel like contributing in anyway, please contact me!

With love