Christmas Stress Survival!

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Here we are again, another Christmas, they seem to come around quicker as you get older!!!…..

Everyone is busy, credit cards are out, car parks jammed and bit by bit the blood pressure goes up!! Christmas is a very important event for most people, but somehow it seems stressful rather than enjoyable.

So how do we survive the rocky road to Christmas and actually arrive in one piece ready to enjoy the day?

Well here are a few things you could do:-

Ask for help

This time of year is not the time to be a martyr, don’t be proud. Get a receptionist and or a cleaner to get you through the busy time.  There’s going to be some daughters of your clients that would love a little work in a beauty salon to save up for Christmas. You could also call up your local temp agency to get the help you need.

Having someone who can clean up behind you in between clients and prepare the space for the next client is invaluable when you’re jam packed.  If you’re back to back, which you no doubt will be, trying to sort out clients as they arrive as well as seeing the previous client out, is very stressful.

You also need to spend a bit of time with clients after the treatment so you don’t miss out on your retailing opportunities while you’re cleaning your room between clients!

Have to’s and should’s!

How often do the words, ‘I have to’ , or ‘I should’ come up in a day?  When you say these words, it often implies that you are going to do something that you don’t really want to do.  Something that is in the way and to be got over and something that you ‘ought’ to do!

Try using the word ‘could’ instead of should, somehow psychologically it instantly implies that you have a choice….You might think ‘I should go and get an extra tin of biscuits for Christmas day’.  Try I could go and get an extra tin of biscuits for christmas day’….You never know, you might choose not to battle with crowds and have a bit of time for yourself instead!!!

Make sure you’re stocked up

You don’t want to be worrying if you’ve got enough stock for those last two critical weeks before Christmas.  Get your ordering done now so all you have to worry about is getting as many clients in through the door as you can.

Avoid super woman pressures

Apart from being an incredible Lashpreneur, you’re probably going to have all sorts of other pressures like family, culinary and social obligations that you’ve just not got time for.  You’ve also got your own Christmas shopping to do!  The best way to take pressure off yourself is to actually put time in your diary as personal stuff rather than breaking your neck to do it inbetween clients.

Make a list and do it all in one hit. Once it’s done it’s done.

When you’re booked you’re booked.  Clients that haven’t been organised and booked themselves in will be twisting your arm to get them in.  Sometimes you’ve just got to say no.

Enjoy Christmas ladies!




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