I’ve just returned from some time in India, which I really enjoyed. I try to go to India a few times a year; I find for me it’s a good “reset” to remind me what I want to focus on, which direction I’m heading in. I often return though, with my head full of thoughts.

Everything in the poorer areas in India tends to have a sort of base layer of grime.  Salon owners on a very limited budget just don’t have the Mr Muscle, white tiles and general shininess that we tend to have in the West. Things like washing machines are few and far between. In India people just don’t bother with autoclaves or Barbicide.

The lack of cleanliness is not down to laziness, or a desire to rip off Western tourists; they just don’t have all the mod cons we’ve grown accustomed to.

This got me thinking about hygiene in our salons here in the UK. Obviously (hopefully!) none of our salons are as dirty as the one I visited in India, but often when we see things day after day, we become blind to the small things a new client will pick up on.

Take a few minutes to look around your salon this week… Try to see it through the eyes of a new person who has never visited before. It should be an inviting space to come into, and look and feel fresh and clean. Try to take an objective look at the walls, the floors, the fixtures and fittings. What would you think, if you were a client walking in here for the first time?

It’s worth taking a moment to lay down on the treatment couch, and look at things from a client’s point of view. You might think the room looks perfectly clean when you tidy up in the evenings, but viewing it from your customer’s line of sight might suggest otherwise. Are there cobwebs in the corners? How clean is your trolley? Is there old wax dried onto the outside of the pot?

Some salon trolleys can look really grotty. I know we’re working off them all day, and wax is easily spilled (and not so easily cleaned up afterwards) but this is what our clients are seeing while we’re preparing for their treatment. It doesn’t matter how perfect your hair and make up is, how spotless the floor is, if the thing your client sees close up looks filthy.

Why not treat yourself to a new trolley, or new trays for it? If you don’t want to splash out, then consider having a good deep clean of your working area. Your clients will appreciate it!

Turn up the music, put your rubber gloves on and have a Spring  clean this week!

Have fun!