Do you know how much it costs you to provide a treatment for a client?

I mean, obviously you know how much you charge… but do you know how much it costs you to provide each treatment? Have you ever sat down and worked out the details of what each individual treatment costs you? It sounds terribly boring, but it can actually be a very worthwhile exercise.


For example, let’s look at a set of eyelash extensions with a medium natural look:


A pack of lashes is £11.45, containing about 4000 lashes. A regular set of lashes uses around 60 lashes per eye, 120 over all. If you don’t waste any, you could do 33 sets of lashes with one pack – at a cost of 34p per treatment.  Even if you put double the amount of lashes on each client.  If you used 240 lashes for a full set, the cost of the treatment would be about 67p per treatment if you did 16 sets with that pack of lashes.


5ml of Problend costs £24.50. When you squeeze glue into your glue ring, you use around 0.25ml (I’m allowing a generous amount here) so your glue is £1.23 per treatment.

Gel pad

These cost £33.50 for 50 treatments; therefore they are 67p per treatment.


These are the extras like sealer, tweezers, removers and protein remover are difficult to give a fixed cost per treatment, so let’s allow a general cost of £2.50 for those.

In summary, here is a breakdown of what it costs you to do an eyelash treatment for a client:



Most of us will charge anything from £60 to £150 for a full set of medium lashes. Your profit margin is therefore somewhere between £54.93 and £144.93.




Your time is worth a lot; you’ve trained hard to earn qualifications, and this is what commands that profit margin. Your clients are paying this much for you to do their eyelashes, because they know you can do a good job.

To cost out your treatment properly, you need to decide on what your hourly rate is and stick to it.  Once you’ve added in all your ancillaries you can clearly see what your prices should be.

This industry is not an easy one, and you worked hard to get to where you are today. Think of your profit margin as a deserved reward for all the hard work you’ve put in up to now.

Here at AH Francis, we know how hard you work, and we do our best to keep our products at the lowest possible prices, so that your bottom line profit is worthy of your talent and effort.