The power of home study has over take the world.  These days you don’t need to go anywhere. No sitting in traffic, expensive train journeys or venturing out in the snow….one can do it all at home. You can do more or less anything on-line these days, and I have to say, its transformed my life!  What on earth would we do without the internet?  Years ago we typed letters on typewriters, posted them and carried on with our life until we received a reply in the post, I can’t imagine how we did business.  All that waiting! These days, its instantaneous, we send an e-mail one minute and expect to get a response immediately, if not within the hour.  We even get all upset if someone makes us wait 24 hours for a response, let alone a couple of days.

The pace of life is unrecognisable to what it was like 20 years ago.  Then, we applied for courses miles away by post with a cheque, now we book on line…On one hand, its fantastic, on the other, we have speeded up to an incomprehensible pace of life.

Nevertheless, as far as learning and self improvement, I have to say, the internet is quite something, just how does it work?  Well, the truth is I have no idea, its a bit like driving the car, I don’t actually care how it works, as long as I put petrol in it and I can drive it, that’s all that matters!

Have any of your discovered  Well, pop over and have a look, you can learn anything from beginners Word and Excel to business social media and film making!  It’s an amazing way of doing what would be very expensive courses if you travelled somewhere, for very, very little, all you really need is time. will transform any business, small and large.

That is why we also launched the Business of Beauty Diamond Club as we thought we could create lots of interesting content to help your business and you can benefit without leaving your sofa.

And I wanted to share a fabulous resource this week: 


Love and best wishes

Alison x