As a lashpreneur, tweezers are your best friend. They are one of your most important tools and a great pair will make your life much easier and stay with you for a long time.

Choosing tweezers can be confusing. With so many types of tweezer available, from the very fine straight to ones with almost a hook on the end, which are the best for the lash looks that you create?

We have spent a great deal of time researching, sourcing and testing different tweezers for different techniques and have finally narrowed them down to the selection below.

All of our tweezers are made from premium quality stainless steel making them easy to keep clean, especially as they have a non-scratch surface.


Extra Fine Straight Tweezers

You should have a pair of these in your kit.  They’re lightweight, easy to hold and great for isolation and picking up classic lashes.  Don’t leave home without them!


Curved Tweezers

These are ideal for technicians who aren’t used to using curved tweezers. They will sit comfortably in your hand whilst you work and are perfect for holding delicate extensions without damaging them. These tweezers can be used on classic lash and rapid volume lash techniques, making them a good all-rounder.


Tapered Precision Isolation Tweezers

These are super sharp and have a very fine point.  As a result, they are ideal for isolating even the finest of lashes and for picking up delicate extensions. The very fine point makes precision isolation a real pleasure and not so time consuming.  Using two pairs of these for a classic lash application will make it a breeze.


Tapered Precision Isolation Tweezers


Deep Curved Tweezers

The deep curved tweezer with its curved tip is perfect for picking up multiple handmade Russian fans, as well as our premade Volume Fan lashes.

This versatile tool is also great for isolating lashes.  They are lovely to hold and work with, making your life easier.


Deep Curved Tweezers

Angled ‘V’ Tweezers

The angled tip on these allows you to easily pick up individual or multiple lashes and place them with precision. Their firm grip and closed tip makes them super for holding and placing extensions on the host lash.  They are ideal for classics, Volume Fans and handmade Russian lashes – a real multi-purpose tool.

With a lovely weight, they are the perfect tool for use in applying extensions.



Angled ‘V’ Tweezers


Many experienced technicians have several pairs of tweezers on the go at the same time. This is a great idea in case your favourite pair gets damaged – after all, who hasn’t dropped a pair on the floor, damaging the tip? It will also save you time ‘breaking in’ a new pair and getting used to the slightly different tension. Having multiple pairs also means that you always have a clean, sterile set to hand.

With that in mind, I keep a few spares as I find it very difficult to work without my favourite tweezers and it feels really odd. Make sure that you keep your old ones until you get used to the new ones.

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