Its common knowledge that beautifully groomed and shaped brows frame, the eyes and give structure to the face.

I wish I’d learnt that years ago as it really makes a difference, I can’t believe that I didn’t realise that my nondescript shapeless brows did me no favours at all.

One of the first things that you notice about a persons is their eyes, so why not offer a treatment that all of your clients will love?

For an instant wide awake look offer a lash lift and tint.

Using carefully placed rollers you can flick the lashes out at the tips to add instant curl and open out the eyes.

Its a wonderful treatment to offer those Ladies who haven’t got time to maintain eyelash extensions or those who simply can’t wear them. A lash tint and lift is ideal for busy Mums always on the go and perfect for that fresh faced barely effortless look (but you still look wonderful- err yes please).

So Career girls with fast paced lives and late night networking will love that wide a wake look. An ideal treatment for those Ladies who just can’t wear eyelash extensions.

Perfect as a pre-holiday treatment, for busy Mums on the run or for Ladies and Gents who want an instant face lift the lash lift is the one for you!