I know what it’s like when you are trying to be the jack of all trades because you are working on your own.  Trying to please everyone and worrying that if you don’t do certain treatments your clients will trot off down the road and never come back.  Or perhaps you are worrying that if you were to take another therapist on, your clients just won’t budge and move into their column!

It’s a big decision taking on a therapist, especially if its the first time as you have been on your own for 10 years and want to specialise in something.  All your clients want you to do everything for them….even their waxing!  I used to be like that, after years of being a therapist, I wanted to be more specialist, yet I could not persuade my clients that Vicky could do just a good a job of their waxing as I could.  So what is one to do?  The answer is to just do it, your clients will get used to the idea and you won’t lose them.  The only way you may lose them is if you are not careful about your choice of therapist and you are not thorough in training them in the way you like things done.

The first therapist I took on was Vicky, a sweet young girl, she was tiny, I mean tiny, but boy she could give a very firm massage! Vicky was a fabulous therapist, and once I had made that decision and clients reluctantly tried Vicky out, they were hooked.

So the moral of the story is that, although you may think you are indispensable, you are not. If you really want to specialise, you can’t do everything.  Choose your specialist treatment and focus on perfecting it and become and expert in your field.

Lashes are a perfect area to specialise in as it is a treatment that really makes a difference.  Whilst facials are wonderful, when clients have lash and brow treatments, they walk into the salon with one look, and leave the salon completely transformed. This, I believe, is what clients want these days.  Treatments that make an immediately visible difference!

I would love to help you, please contact me if I can help you reach your goals!