If you can’t go round it, go over it, if you can’t go over it, go under it, if you can’t go under, it jump over it!

That is my mantra and it sees me through every single time.  When something comes up that seems insurmountable, there is always a way.  I work an awful lot with my intuition instead of my rational mind which I call the ‘RAT’ as it is always ready to make me wrong.   Instead I tune into my intuition which sometimes feels outrageous, but when I look back, I never regretted following my intuition.  In fact, the only regrets I ever had were situations where I did not to follow my intuition quicker.

It is probably true to say the thing you fear most is the thing you ‘should’ do.  When I had a salon I remember being persuaded to buy an awful lot of stock, I mean an awful lot.  Apparently I needed everything that was being suggested to me.  My RAT was agreeing as it seemed rational that to launch a new treatment, I needed ‘the works’. Instead my intuition was letting me know that I did not.  You know that feeling in your stomach that you can never really describe and you often ignore…that is your intuition trying to get a message across to you!  In that situation, yes, I really regretted not following my gut feel!

People are tricky sometimes and very ready to judge you on your decisions….. you have to be brave and ignore their rationality on your actions, they have no idea what is ‘really’ going on with you.  The road less travelled is always more exciting and satisfying than always following the crowd.

The definition of madness is ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result’.  You know how it feels when you are working really, really hard, thinking that if you work harder, surely it will work?  The truth is, if you are just doing the same thing and it’s continually not working, it’s time to change.

My advice…be brave, be different and be a leader!

Have fun in the process!