I always say that passion and visibility are the key to successfully marketing something.  If you haven’t got your wholesale promotional eyelash extension products out on display and you’re not talking about them, guaranteed you won’t sell them.

Apart from that you need to be focused and create a proper organised campaign otherwise you will be darting around all over the place and you will never gain enough momentum to have an impact.

To help, I thought I would create a sample campaign to give you an idea.  I have used knot free flares as they are quick and easy to put on with our Flutterfix glue and will last a couple of days so the client gets a feel for having eyelash extensions

Here is the campaign:

Campaign name:  Introduction to eyelash extensions

  • What are you offering during the campaign:  Knot free flares for quick eyelash extension look for £10 – Usual Price £20
  • Campaign Length: One month
  • Social media:  Twitter and Facebook  – a variety of posts throughout the four weeks
  • Networking:  Offer to talk at at least one networking event throughout the month
  • Newsletter:  Direct mail – create a simple inexpensive postcard to mail out
  • E-mail newsletter:  Two e-mails talking about the offers from a couple of different angles
  • Blog:  Write a blog about how lashes can give you a new fresh look!
  • TV Screen:  Slide show or rolling DVD showing the benefits and images of beautiful lashes
  • Word of mouth:  Get talking about it!

As you can see there a number of activities that make up a campaign.  I have seen salons just stick a poster up without any other back up and wonder why it has no effect on sales. You can see from the above how it could really start creating a buzz, but you have to do it and not just think about it!!! Believe me a one off activity rarely works.

So get creative and have fun….Here is our new in salon DVD (coming soon) that you could have running on your screen!