I have had lots of conversations this week about removing eyelash extensions.  It’s not so often that we have to remove lashes, but we have to remember that if clients are having standard eyelash extension products applied they really should.

Often clients forget how their natural lashes were and they get very used to having thick, luscious lashes, so you can reassure them that nothing has happened to their lashes whilst they were wearing eyelash extensions. They just got used to more length and thickness!!!

Express Lashes, however wonderful they are, do need proper removal.  You are layering lashes on and obviously sticking lashes together, so it’s crucial to make sure clients come in to the salon within a two week period (preferably) to have them removed.  They can, if they wish have a new set put straight on, but if they are going to continue, it’s a good time to convert to proper eyelash extensions for prolonged, uninterrupted wear!!!

Now let’s look at removal.  I get asked, “shall I use gel or shall I use liquid”.  The truth is you should have both eyelash extension removers on your trolley.  When clients come in for removal, you need to make it as quick and as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is faffing around for ages.  Clients will just get fed up and irritated.

So, my advice for effective eyelash extension removal is as follows:

  1. Apply gel pads under the eyes
  2. Apply gel remover and make sure the lashes are well coated. Leave for 5 minutes so it starts to break down the glue.
  3. Continue removal with liquid by dipping the microfibre brushes into the liquid remover, blotting on tissue to make absolutely sure there are no drips and remove as normal.

Ooooh, one last thing, when you do Express Lashes, book the client in for removal before she leaves. 🙂

Keep the questions coming!

Love Alison x