When embarking on training, we all hope that we will learn what we need to learn and be able to take with us the skills and ability to go forth into the world and do our job well.  One only needs to take a look around the web to find a plethora of training schools hoping to entice you into their courses and workshops.

When I started developing the AHFrancis Lash Lift course, which in the early days was the AHFrancis Lash Perm course I realised that if I wanted my students to be good at eyelash lifting, I had to develop a course that was going to equip them well enough to go out and perform good treatments.  It’s all very well having a certificate, but are you any good at what you do?

I would like to use lash lifting as an example as it was through this that everything else was born. Lash lifting can be tricky which means on the training I had to make sure that students got the supervised practice they needed. This is way the lash lift was taught (and still is taught):

  • Theory first
  • Technique practise without solutions or glue to get the hang of getting the lashes on the rollers
  • Therapists had to have a treatment, even if they did not want the lashes processed, they had to have the roller on and removed so they could feel the treatment.
  • Therapists were then required to do two models.
  • Lastly an exam designed to make sure all the theory was understood

I was sending out hundreds of therapists that were as passionate about the eyelash lift as I was….Soon after my success, others followed, but cut the training by half.  My training was always a full day, but my competitors were rolling it out at half the price, and in half a day.  In my view, it is impossible to learn the technique properly by doing just one model!

The sad thing is that lots of colleges chose the cheap option, and because the training was so hit and miss, the colleges abandoned lash lifting!  I feel that the cowboys of the industry temporarily ruined the reputation of the lash lift.

However I am back with a vengeance and aim to show the industry just how amazing this treatment is….You don’t get Kathy Phillips, the editor of Vogue (she has now moved on) knocking on your door a number of times for nothing…She was one of my biggest fans.

So, the point is, when enrolling in training, you need theory and practice and you should ask how much will I get?. You should also ask, what if I find difficulty in doing the treatment, what support do you offer?  For example, with AHFrancis, if you, for any reason, struggle on the training, you come back as many times as you need until you feel happy with the treatment.

For fun…check out this video clip and see for yourself what the industry thought of the eyelash lift (eyelash perm)!