No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

I think it’s a really great idea for a salon to support a charity. I sponsor some children in India, who I visit regularly, and I find it is a very spiritual experience to give and feel connected to someone else who has nothing. I believe that giving with generosity and from the heart is good for the soul. Not only this, when I visit those children, it makes me count my blessings and realise just how lucky I am. This is something we could all do with a dose of from time to time.

Whether you choose to adopt an Indian child, or support a local charity, doing this can be good – not only for your spirituality, but for the good of the business. You could organise an event as a salon – it doesn’t have to be a group skydive; you could have a sponsored back wax for your partners, or anything else you can think of. Get the community involved with your charity and make it a big, fun event! You could put a collection box on your counter, and maybe a photo or poster to tell clients what you are doing – and why. Speak to your bank also; some will offer to match any donations made, which can make a massive difference.

If your salon is known locally as the one that regularly organises charity events, donates gifts, always has a charity raffle in the lobby or were giving out free hand cream at the sponsored walk last week, that can create a really positive buzz around you. You can use something like a raffle to show off your best treatments by having them as prizes as well.

Obviously, it’s great PR to be seen to be giving – but more than that, it gives you a fabulous feeling inside to know that you are making a difference. When I visit the children I sponsor in India, they don’t want anything from me; they don’t want my money or my gifts. They just want to hold my hand and get love and connection. It is truly humbling. In the West we’re so caught up in who’s got the best car or the nicest house, we forget that there are people out there whose home is a tin shack on the edge of the city. We forget that we are a part of something much larger, and charity can help to bridge that gap.

And really, who doesn’t want a warm, fuzzy feeling… or a free charity back wax?

Think about it!