The spring and summer fashions are upon us and I just loved the Louis Vuitton white and yellow check suit with the long skirt.  It seems to have been a long winter in black and melancholy colours, and on seeing that, I suddenly got inspired to go through my wardrobe and sneak in some colour even if the sun is not shining!!!

Now is a great time to start getting some colour into the salon, get daffodils, everyone loves them because it reminds us that spring is on its way.  Have you got any makeup lurking in your cupboards that you put away in the winter?  Get it all out and give your displays a spring overhaul and at the same time maybe do a ‘spring is here’, or perhaps in our case ‘spring is coming’ offer for your clients.

I always found that its a good time to start promoting body scrubs, and pedicures as people start thinking about sandals….well, yes, I must admit, we can only just think about sliding freshly pedicured toes into sandals, but it just makes you feel so good to look down at brightly coloured toes, even if it’s only for you.  I am certainly on my way to get my first pedicure this week!!!

I think its important to remember that your client’s will have what you are enthusing about.  If you are talking about body scrubs and tans, your clients will start book.  If you are talking about coloured lashes, especially the gold ones that Channel are promoting you will find that suddenly your clients will start asking about colours, they may not go for gold straight away, but they may go for blue or purple and work up to gold.

So my advice is that you must remember to get behind products and treatments that you want to sell with all the enthusiasm you can muster.  Fake enthusiasm just won’t do.  Start getting yourself inspired by looking through vogue and GET EXCITED!!!

Have fun.