We all seem to think “expanding” is what we’re aiming for in business – but think carefully about it before you expand your business. It sounds great to say you’ve taken on more therapists or moved to bigger premises – but this sort of thing comes risks and obligations, and it may well be that you can increase your income without expanding anything!

Are you 100% sure you’ve got absolutely everything out of what you already have? I’m all for expansion; I just wanted to give a little friendly advice to any of you lovely ladies who might be thinking of expanding. Before taking that leap, check in with yourself. Take a good, hard look at your business; perhaps get a friend or colleague to take a look too, and seriously ask: is there anything else I can do to earn more money without taking on extra commitment?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Put your prices up a little. A small increase won’t make much difference to each individual client, but over the course of a week or month, your income will increase significantly.

Get some administrative help if you’re overrun. People are often really good at some parts of business but not others. There’s no shame in admitting your talents lie in your treatments – after all, that’s what makes the money. If you get some help with your admin, you can spend the time you would have been knee-deep in paperwork, doing more treatments.

Get cleaners in – this is the same sort of premise, but also often at the end of a long day, the prospect of cleaning the salon is the last thing on your mind. A cleaner can do a fantastic job – probably better than you would do at the end of a busy day. That extra time will give you space to think and relax.

Get a phone answering service – this will make you look more professional and also ensure you don’t miss calls. Make sure you’re methodical about listening and responding to messages every day at a set time, to ensure none are missed.

Be selective about what treatments you offer. Is it time to specialise and create a niche for yourself instead of doing loads of different treatments that perhaps don’t really earn you any money?

Be more classy and exclusive, so that you’re not seen as just run of the mill. People will expect to pay a little more for a better service from someone whose treatments are in demand.

Make over your current treatment room. Light colours and mirrors can make things look bigger. The right lighting can really help too so pay attention to that and see what a difference you can make!

With a bit of creative thinking you can probably think of lots more ideas for how to expand your profits without expanding your commitments. I’d love to hear what you come up with!

Explore, explore, explore!!


Alison xxx