Welcome to the online training for AHFrancis Express Lashes. Please follow the instruction below.


Express Lashes Training Guide web

1. Download this
training manual

Click here to download the manual


Express Lashes training step 2

2. Watch this

Watch video
using password:


3. Watch this
video tutorial

Watch video
using password:

Express Lashes training step 4

4. Complete your
theory test

Now let’s test your knowledge
of the Express Lashes process

Download and complete our
quick theory test

Remember to put your completed form onto your AHFrancis USB stick
& return it with your case studies in the Stamped Addressed Envelope.

5. Putting your
learning into practice

Now you know the theory, it’s
time to put Express Lashes into
practice on your family and
friends. The sooner you get
started the better

Express Lashes training step 6

6. Getting yourself

Once you’re confident that you can complete the treatment to a high standard in 20 to 40 minutes depending on the look you want to achieve of course, it’s time to get yourself accredited.

Our course is Beauty Guild approved and once we’re happy with the quality of your work and how you complete the process, we’ll issue you with your AHFrancis Express Lash Diploma.

How to get accredited

To apply for accreditation, please save the following to your AHFrancis USB stick and send in the Stamped Addressed envelope provided to:
AHFrancis, 111 Exeter Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2SF, United Kingdom

  • Five photo case studies
    ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of the eyes of five of your Express Lashes practice clients.
  • Five video case studies
    Ask a friend to take a short (1 minute) video of you applying Express Lashes on five of your practice clients. Save the videos to your AHFrancis USB stick. Please do not send DVDs in the post.
  • A copy of your accredited eyelash extension diploma for your original lash extension training (such as your AHFrancis Foundation Diploma, or the equivalent if you were trained by another training provider).
  • Your completed theory test.

Need Help?

If you get stuck or have any questions, we’re only a click away. Hop on over to our Facebook page and ask a question or email customerservice@ahfrancis.com.