Wow, I seem to be getting some feedback about Express Lashes that I would like to clear up. Express lashes are a fantastic tool to encourage people to have eyelash extensions.  You can give clients a marvelous, very full set of lashes in about 30 minutes.  This means the client gets the experience of having long full eyelash extensions without having to lay there for over an hour and a half for the same look. You may even persuade her to have proper eyelash extensions on her next visit as she can’t bear to see herself without lashes again!!!

Now the down side is that you must book her in to have them removed approximately two weeks later.  Don’t charge extra for this, make sure you structure it into the price of the original treatment as chances are she won’t come back, she will pick them off!  Now what happens if she picks them off?  Well, more than likely you will get a phone call telling you your Express Lashes made her eyelashes fall off and it’s all your fault.

Your job as a professional is to educate the client and look after her.  You may remember some time ago I made the differentiation between customer and client?  Customer means someone who makes a one off purchase and may or may not ever return.  A client is someone who is under the care and advice of a professional which means that everyone who comes for eyelash extensions should be a ‘client’.

We need to remember that these clients are also individual with their various quirks and we need to cater for them, and sometimes think for them.  We also need to know when to say no right? If, for example,  clients have very little lashes themselves, it will be difficult to layer lashes on and they probably will not stay on. My golden rule has always been, if in doubt leave it out and it has served me very well.

So, ladies.  Express Lashes are amazing and you should remember to book your client in for their removal.  If they cancel, call them and make a new appointment, basically make sure they come and understand why they need to have them removed.

The main benefits one more time:

  • Great marketing tool
  • Fabulous for those ladies in a rush
  • Great for one off treatments

I love them, and your clients will too if you follow the recommended eyelash extension procedure:

Patch Test

Client consultation


Follow up

Removal and aftercare advice

Enjoy them!  Remember our easy training online!

Have fun