Happy woman!Urrgh, I have a rather nasty flu! As I reflect on what is going on I realise that I did not follow my own advice of ‘fill yourself up first’.  I can hear myself saying it to my eyelash extension clients.  How often do we give advice and not take it ourselves!  Ummm, too often I feel. The only thing that makes me feel better is fresh ginger and lemon tea with a twist of black pepper….My yoga guru recommended that one time when I had flu in India…which I might add, went into pneumonia! So, now I am listening, tucked up in front of the fire with my computer on my lap!

A lot of the time, we run on empty, collapsing into bed at the end of the day, knowing the next day is going to be the same!

When you become exhausted, the danger is that you become slightly resentful and stop giving your all to clients. This will take it’s toll on your business. I know that as a beauty therapist, we are often more like psychotherapists, and for this reason, our clients need us to be on top form at all times! We need to keep the friendly face painted on which is very, very difficult when you are just not feeling good.

So at this point one needs to take a step back, breathe and start filling up your own love tank.  I thought I could just share of few of my ways of filling myself up!

  • Allow yourself some alone time – peace and quiet are great energy revivers!
  • Check your diet – clean and healthy, no junk food!
  • Meditation to clear the mind – The mind needs a rest too!
  • Yoga to stretch the body – bent over a couch constantly is tough on the body!  Try Yoga.

Trust me, this really is the recipe to even bigger success… if you’re running on empty now and still managing to keep that smile, imagine the possibilities once you have relaxed and had some breathing space!  I promise you if you take time for yourself, creativity, vitality and joy will come flooding in.

Get resourced.


Alison xx