Your Beauty Assistant interviews Alison Francis…these are her responses!


What is it about your work that inspires or excites you most?

I love the creative side of my work, and helping people create their own destiny. The more I create opportunity in my business, the more I see my dreams come true.


Describe what is the most important aspect of your working life.

If I could describe the most important aspect of my working life in one word, it would be VISION…… Every year on New Year’s day I review my goal list for the previous year and celebrate the deliveries and then I create my goal list for the coming year. I found it hugely helpful to write it down as I believe there is power in defining what you really want.


What has given you the biggest thrill in your career to date?

The biggest thrill in my career to date was the original launch of the Eyelash Perm. I had no money, took a huge leap of faith and it paid off…… At the Beauty Show in Olympia I was swamped by onlookers, following that I was hunted down by ALL the glossies without a penny spent on PR……that was when I realized I was on to something really good!!!


How does your work define you as a person?

My work defines me as it is all about creation, goals, vision and success.


How would you describe your work and how important is it to the general public/what would you change?

I spend my days pulling projects together and looking for inspiration that will excite others. What would I change? Nothing, I will spend my life looking for inspiration that will excite and inspire others to live their dream.


What have you regretted most (either in business or your personal life)?

I have no regrets whatsoever. Every twist and turn, good and bad has lead me to who I am, and where I am today. Everything I have been through has been an essential link!


Describe one or two attributes of your character that your friends/colleagues would recognize.

Two attributes that my friends would recognize……well, think ‘drive’ has to be one, and the other would be ‘compassion’.


Summarise your passion for a cause, sport, subject or place.

I have a huge passion for an orphanage I support in India. I sponsor 7 children, 6 in the south and 1 in the north. I visit them most years and have special relationships with them all. I plan to be a support to help them make the most of their lives. Four of my children are complete orphans, two sisters have a mother who is blind and picks weeds in a field, and the other (in the north) is a girl we spotted, although she has a family, they can’t support her to go to school, so I pay for her education. One of my goals is to give as much money as possible to give these children the best chance in life I can give them.


Why and how have certain people inspired you – either colleagues, family, or public figures?

I have been hugely inspired by Anthony Robbins, in fact a turning point in my life was a seminar called ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ where we did a fire walk….it changed my life forever. It made me realize that I am in control of my own life and have the power to change it!

My work at Lake House with Trudie Styler also lead to an important moment as I was invited by Sting to their house in Tuscany and was coached by Sting’s yoga teacher, again, I never looked back and now have a deep daily yoga practice that keeps me grounded, so that as the wind blows, even though my leaves get ruffled, my roots are firmly planted in the earth.

Yoga lead me to India where I found my guru, Yogi Vishvketu. I stayed in an ashram for a period of time and had the sensation that I had come home. I now regularly see Vishvketu for my inward journey and personal development.


Have you had a defining moment in your career?

As above when I launched the eyelash perming.


What, and from whom, was the best advice that you were ever given?

Let me see, the best advice I have every been given was:

“don’t sweat the small stuff”

“We are what we believe we are……start thinking outside the box and big, otherwise you will be arguing for your limitations!”

“Its not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years”

“If you are not learning you are dying!”


What do you attribute your success to: is it a question of nature or nurture?

My success has been a question of nurturing one of my top values which is growth!


What advice would you give to someone coming into the industry?

Dream, create a vision and define it. Once its defined, write it down and create your goals one step at a time. One of the most important things you can do is be around like minded people that see the highest in you and support your vision. Negativity will bring you down. Make sure you are keeping a positive mind set by reading motivational books and going to personal development seminars.


State the one thought, a famous quote or reference – maybe a personal philosophy – that is important to how you view life

 “Success is about who you are, not what you have” Tom Morris


What is your:-


Preferred Restaurant for Business Breakfast: Urban Café – Harrods

Favourite Restaurant for lunch or dinner: Signor Sassi, Knightsbridge, London

Best City: Florence, Italy

Favourite Film: The very best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Best Beauty and/or Fragrance Product: Jo Malone – Lime Basil and Mandarin/Jan Marini – Age Intervention cream