Flat lash excitement at AHF HQ


Introducing stunning Flat Lashes


The effect of the Flat lash is a thicker, glossier and more glamorous lashes without the weight!

Standard lashes are round from bottom to top, Flat lashes are flat at the bottom end because the weight has been cleverly shaved off. Flat lashes have superb lasting power because they fit snuggly on the natural lash due to the increased surface area at the bottom for the natural lash to be attached to the flat lash.  They also have a split tip that gives an even fuller look.

New Flat Lashes - AHFrancis

Benefits of the Flat lash

  • Longevity
  • More gloss and glamour
  • Less weight
  • Feel weightless


Who are they for?

  • Ladies that want the drama, but can’t take the weight!
  • Ladies that want drama, drama, drama
  • Great for ladies with straighter lashes to secure more of the natural lash to the extension
  • Clients that want longer periods between their infills because of the more abundant bonding surface


Flat lash important tip

  • Make sure blond clients have their lashes tinted
  • Flat lashes should be placed on the top or the bottom unlike classic lashes where they can be put on the all sides of the lashes


Excited to try them?

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Your Comments

  1. Kirsty on

    Hi will you be getting the flat lashes in 0.07s please. Thank you.

    • Sandra Hamilton on

      Hi Kirsty,

      Many thanks for your question.

      We are so excited that our new range is doing so well and is popular with our customers.

      As with all new ranges, we will be looking to expand the flat lashes in the new year with some different widths. Keep your eye on Lash Talk as we will announce any additions as soon as we have them in stock.


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