Is your business as successful as you would like it to be? Do you ever wonder what else can you do, to make it a roaring success?

Being in business is about being absolutely amazing at what you do, but in reality I think that’s only half of what will make you successful. When I first had a salon, I couldn’t figure out why my appointment columns weren’t full, full full – after all, I was great at what I was doing, right? One day, the penny dropped! I did a business audit, and realised that actually, my website didn’t represent me and my work one little bit. And let’s not even mention the marketing material I was using…..actually, I wasn’t even doing any marketing to speak of – I was pretty much just relying on the fact I was good at what I did. I knew I was good, because my clients raved about their treatments and stayed with me for years – but nobody else knew about that! It’s all very well relying on word of mouth, but there’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet. In fact, I really believe that if you want to be super successful at what you do, you need to get used to telling people how great you are. Otherwise, how will they ever know?

It wasn’t until I changed my mindset that things began to shift for me. I realised I needed to think “outside the box” and stop working on a small scale. I decided to set myself some goals, and to work really hard to achieve them. Not just “I want more clients” but specifically, “I want this many clients, by this point, and I will get them by doing this.”

If you’re looking to make your business truly outstanding, the best way to achieve that is to create goals for yourself. Great, big, scary goals that make you a bit nervous. Think big, and dream even bigger! I did a goal setting workshop earlier this year (here is the link); take a look and think about creating some new goals for yourself using that formula.

Christmas is coming; and after that a new year. In our business, this can be the busiest time of year; there’s no way you’ll be able to plan for the future while you’re doing back to back lashes for ten hours a day! Forget about new years’ resolutions, hastily thought up on December 31st and forgotten by January 10th. Start planning now and make a great plan so that you are ready to re-launch yourself in January, and make 2015 your best year ever!