I came across this quote recently while reading:

The world’s most adorable women have been gorgeous inside as well as out. A glamorous woman has a magnetism few can resist, yet all of us can attain it – even those without calssically natural beauty.” – from How to be Adored by Caroline Cox.

I love Caroline Cox; she’s written some fantastic books.

I feel that this quote should be on every wall, and our first thought for every woman that comes through our doors. There are a few fundamental things we can do for our clients in a short amount of time, that can make a world of difference. They are:

  • lashes and brows
  • great skin
  • encouraging our clients to take some “me time”
  • encouraging a good diet and good hydration
  • encouraging a positive attitude.

Some of these might sound like they’re not within your remit as a beauty therapist. You might read this and think, what?! But you can help with all of these areas.

Your clients come to you for their superficial beauty needs – but you can definitely help them to shine from the inside out. Don’t you love it when you go to get your hair cut and come out with some great advice from your hair dresser about a great new recipe she’s tried, or something else that’s made her feel great? Try to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to help your client to look amazing. Everyone appreciates a free beauty tip or a new resource you’ve found.

Obviously, you need to avoid being rude to your clients; don’t look up and say “yuck, your skin is really dry; are you drinking enough water?!” You could instead say “I really struggle to make sure I get my 2 litres of water a day, don’t you? I feel so much better when I manage it though; have you tried carrying a bottle around with you?”

These days, everyone is about value for money. If your client leaves your salon feeling that she’s had more than she paid for – even if it’s just a recommendation for a great website with articles about beauty – she’ll want to come back for more!