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Tips to help you get the best from your glue

It doesn’t matter which of our fabulous glues you’ve chosen, you can be certain you’re buying the best. We’ve worked hard with our suppliers to develop a great range of professional glues, which we’ve extensively used on ourselves, with our beauty clients, and with thousands of lashpreneurs.

Here are our top 7 tips to getting the best from your glue.

Tip #1 – Choose the right glue for you and your client

Choosing the right glue depends on your experience, the type of lashes you’re applying and, of course, your client’s needs. Our quick guide is here to help.

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Glue A little bit about each glue Key qualities
Rapid Volume
Our Rapid Volume adhesive was specially designed for use with our volume fan lashes. It can be used for Russian volume and handmade fans too. Great for working with fine 0.07 lashes to create thicker volume looks.

It has a very fine consistency, is super light weight and snap dries.

It should only be used by experienced lashpreneurs and is not recommended for new lash technicians.

It should only be used with closed eye treatments and is not suitable for classic lashes, express or bottom lash techniques.

  • Very strong, with an ultra fast setting speed. The fastest of all our glues
  • Ideal for advanced technicians applying volume fan lashes
  • Has great longevity so clients can go for up to 3 weeks between infills
  • Has a very low fume, so no more watery eyes
Fastlash Well established in the marketplace, Fastlash continues to impress with an exceptional setting speed.

This adhesive can be used for a wide range of techniques including classic lashes, volume fans, Russian volume and handmade fans.

Will dry in 2 – 3 seconds and has a super fine consistency.

It should only be used by experienced lashpreneurs and is not recommended for new lash technicians.

It should only be used with closed eye treatments and is not suitable for express or bottom lash techniques.

  • Very strong, with an extremely fast setting speed
  • Ideal for advanced technicians
  • Has a fume
  • Can be used for wide range of techniques
Masterlash Masterlash is a new generation, very high performance glue that’s perfect for experienced lashpreneurs.

Masterlash can be used for a wide range of techniques including classic lashes, volume fans, Russian volume and handmade fans.

It has a fast setting time of around 3 – 5 seconds and is extremely durable.

It should only be used by experienced lashpreneurs and is not recommended for new lash technicians.

It should only be used with closed eye treatments and is not suitable for express or bottom lash techniques.

  • Very strong, with a fast setting speed
  • Ideal for advanced technicians
  • Has a fume
  • Can be used for a wide range of techniques
ProBlend+ ProBlend+ is one of our bestselling glues. This is the go to glue for new lash technicians.

It has a slower setting speed than our other glues, yet produces fantastic results.

It’s perfect if you’re still building confidence and speed in your applications.

It’s the only glue we recommend for bottom lashes, express lashes, and clients with sensitive eyes.

We would recommend completing at least 30 sets of lashes before moving onto one of the faster glues.

  • Strong, with a medium setting speed
  • Thicker consistency than our other glues
  • Ideal for both new and experienced technicians
  • Ideal for clients with sensitive eyes
  • Very low fume – clients can open eyes
    straight after treatment
Lash Lift
The Lash Lift adhesive should only ever be used for the lash lift procedure, using the shields and not the rollers.

It is not suitable for lash extension treatments.

This glue will keep the natural lashes in place on the shield.

  • Strong, with a fast setting speed
  • Easy to remove
  • Must only be used for lash lifts

Please remember the single MOST IMPORTANT rule about glue. All glues must be patch tested at least 48 hours before a treatment. Please do not let your client sign a waiver. Whilst rare, clients can have serious reactions, and if you don’t patch test you will not be insured.

To patch test, place a small amount of glue behind your client’s ear and two individual lash extensions onto your client’s natural lashes. This means you’re testing for allergic reactions to both the lashes and the glue.

Tip #3 – Take the utmost care storing your glue

It’s important to store your glue at a constant room temperature – not too hot or cold. Please resist the temptation to pop your glue in the fridge on a hot day or leave it in the car overnight. Variations in temperature can cause the glue to ‘go off’ and might even trigger a reaction.

Tip #4 – Shelf life matters

Providing you follow tip #3, your glue will remain in tip-top condition for 3 months (once opened) and nine months (unopened).

It simply isn’t worth using old glue that’s past its best. This is your business and so it’s your professional reputation at stake.

We recommend popping a sticky label onto the glue bottle with the date you opened it, so it’s easy to remember.

Tip #5 – Use a glue holder, glue ring or jade stone

All glues are sensitive to the atmosphere. If you expose your glue to the open air for too long, you may find it goes off or dries out. Using a jade stone, glue holder or glue ring during treatments means you can replace the glue lid firmly and use just a small amount of glue at a time. This reduces the likelihood of any problems. We suggest that you top up your adhesive every 15 minutes.

Tip #6 – Use the right amount of glue

When you’re dipping a lash extension into the glue, try to do so about two thirds of the way up the lash and allow 3 bulbs of glue to appear on the lash. More glue than this may cause a reaction and it will take too long to dry. Always apply the lash extension 0.5 – 1mm away from the eyelid.

Tip #7 – Fast isn’t always better

Masterlash has an exceptionally fast drying time and inexperienced lashpreneurs will find it far too tricky. But it’s a great glue if you’re an experienced lashpreneur who does a lot of lashes.

Masterlash dries slightly quicker than Fastlash and both of these dry faster than ProBlend+.

If you’re using a glue with a fume you must allow at least 5 minutes after treatment before you ask your client to open his or her eyes. The drying times vary according to the glue.

The treatment time will depend on the chosen glue, type of lashes being applied, and your ability as a lashpreneur.

Answers to your 10 most common glue related questions

We love to answer your questions. Before your give us a call or drop us a line, check whether we’ve answered it here.

Question #1 – Why has my client reacted?

Serious reactions are thankfully rare but they do happen. It’s important to know that the following are all common causes for a reaction:

  • Your glue is out of date
  • Your glue hasn’t been stored correctly
  • You’ve placed glue too close to your client’s skin or eyelid
  • You’ve not correctly patch tested your client
  • You’ve used too much glue and it’s touching your client’s skin
  • Your client has recently changed their medication or self care products

Question #2 – Do I need to patch test if my client signs a disclaimer?

Yes! Even if your client signs a disclaimer, you won’t be insured unless you patch test. Don’t put your business and professional reputation on the line.

Question #3 – Do I need to do another patch test if I start using a different AHFrancis glue?

Yes, you must always patch test. Each glue uses different ingredients, so if you use another glue you must do a patch test with the new glue.

Question #4 – Can I patch test more than one glue at a time?

Yes you can. Remember to make a note of which side you tested which glue.

Question #5 – What should I do if my client has a reaction?

If your client has a reaction, ask them to return to the salon to see you. Look at their lashes – can you see why there has been a reaction? Remove their lashes and encourage your client to seek medical advice. Do not give medical advice unless you’re a trained medical professional.

Question #6 – Is it possible for a client to develop a reaction even though they’ve been patch tested?

Yes. It isn’t very common but clients can sometimes develop a reaction to the treatment after they’ve been patch tested. People may react differently to products at different stages of their life, which is why a patch test and thorough consultation are so important for insurance purposes.

Question #7 – Will the glue damage my client’s natural lashes?

Providing your technique is correct, there shouldn’t be any damage to your client’s natural lashes. An individual lash extension will fall out naturally with the human lash it’s glued onto (natural lashes have a growth cycle of about 60 to 90 days).

However, if you use too much glue or apply too many lash extensions to a natural lash (making the application too heavy), it is possible to damage your client’s natural lashes.

Question #8 – Can my client have lashes if she’s pregnant?

Your client may have lashes whilst pregnant, although the first 3 months are particularly sensitive.

We recommend using our ProBlend+ glue because it’s fume free. And remember to do a patch test.

Question #7 – Can my client have lashes if she’s having a course of chemotherapy/or has recently finished chemotherapy?

Unfortunately, a client undergoing a course of chemotherapy isn’t suitable for lash extensions. Chemo can cause the loss of natural lashes, so lash extensions will not last.

If your client has finished chemo then they might be able to have lash extensions if their natural lashes have grown back. It’s important that you are realistic about what can be achieved and advise them accordingly.

Question #8 – What should I do if I get glue on my client’s skin?

If you get a blob of glue on your client’s skin simply remove it with your AHFrancis glue remover using a microfibre brush.

Question #9 – Can my client wear contact lenses during their treatment?

No. It’s important your client removes their contact lenses before their lash extension treatment as the glue may dry out the lenses. We would suggest that they were glasses to and from their appointment.

Question #10 – Can you please remind me of the contraindications for a client having lash extensions?

There are a number of contraindications as follows:

  • Inflamed or swollen eye area
  • Infectious eye disorders, such as conjunctivitis
  • Stys
  • Redness and puffiness to the eye area
  • Cuts, bruises, abrasions or recent scars to the eye area
  • Moles and warts
  • Contact lenses
  • Hypersensitive skin
  • Contagious skin conditions around the eye area
  • Cold sores
  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Eczema around the eye area
  • Pregnancy – the first 3 months are particularly sensitive
  • Hayfever
  • Recent laser eye surgery

Tips to help you get the best from your remover

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