I would like to make my position with eyelash extensions clear this week, as there seems to be a bit of confusion on what my views are about volume eyelash extensions.

If a client comes in to the salon and wants loads of eyelashes on, whether they are standard eyelash extensions, express lashes or volume eyelash extensions, the client can have only as many as her natural lashes can take, right?

I am all for glamour if it is safe and appropriate for that particular client. If your client has good thick eyelashes of her own, then, absolutely pile on the eyelash extensions if that is what she wants.

I like to keep my eyelash extension technicians safe from client problems and encourage them to be realistic with clients and not set themselves up for client dissatisfaction. That is my only point.

This image in this week’s blog is something beautiful, achievable and something that the majority of eyelash extension clients would be over the moon with.  We all have our preferred eyelash look, and this is mine! Do send in your preferred looks ladies.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and let’s have some peace ladies!