Being an eyelash extension therapist myself, although I am not doing treatments much these days, I know what it’s like being locked in your treatment room seeing client after client after client and wondering when you are ever going to come up for air!!!  Being busy is fantastic, but after a while, you will start to feel not only tired, but also frustrated and not really understanding where the frustration is coming from.

Well it could be coming from a number of levels, for example, you find that you are not earning enough or you are just not getting enough time for yourself, both of these sensations come from the same arena – PERSONAL GROWTH.  If you don’t continue to grow, at some level you are dying. Sounds radical I know, but this stuff leads you from mild frustration to deep depression if you don’t capture it soon enough and take action!

I have been a great fan of Anthony Robbins for nearly 20 years, and one of the things that has always stuck in my mind is his concept of CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement!!! Learning new things is exciting, dreaming is exciting and growing your business is exciting, all of these things I can help you with!  Firstly, you may have seen, we have a Golden Ticket special training offer for all training booked before Christmas (you can actually do the training after Christmas), and every 25th person booked on to any course will get their training free, so I am trying to make it easy for you wonderful technicians to take your skills up to the next level.

The other exciting thing I am working on is The Business of Beauty Diamond club….sssshhhh it’s a secret….more about that coming very soon!!!!

To help you think about your growth, I would like to recommend a fabulous book that everyone should read if you want to grow yourself and  your business…and that’s Think ad Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill!

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”

“You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself.”

“If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it.”

~ Napoleon Hill

Hill uses well know successful entrepreneurs to explain his story…it’s certainly worth a read!!!


Love and Best Wishes

Alison and Miss B x