It’s amazing how the lash world has exploded.

In the early days, we had one type of glue, one type of lash thickness and one type of lash curl. On one level it was much easier, as you didn’t have so much to think about.  Nowadays, you’re spoilt for choice. The upside of that is you can do an awful lot more. The downside is you might find yourself wondering what the hell to do with all this stuff and melting down into apathy!

The good old ‘J’ curl is a bit like potatoes. 

They are like the foundation or the staple diet should I say. You always need the basics on your trolley with the other lash types making up your full flexible kit for all occasions.  If your clients lashes are dead straight, you absolutely need ‘J’ curl lashes. Many of your clients will have poker straight lashes for sure. I’ve got very annoying straight lashes so I mostly have ‘J’ curl as they just last longer. Why?  Because the natural lash is more likely to be 100% bonded. You can’t 100% bond an ‘O’ curl lash to a dead straight lash, therefore the lasting power will be short lived.

Remember to always use the appropriate lashes on the client and be clear with your client about what is achievable.

Successful Lashpreneurs are_-CourageousImpeccably professionalHave a vision and a planAre their own advert-2


A thorough consultation is so important as this is the time when you can share with the client what is possible on their lashes.  Remember, a good consultation will more likely give you a happy client and skipping the consultation is just trouble!

Enjoy ‘J’ curls ladies!