My first response to this question is, who wouldn’t want long beautiful lashes? They make the eyes look wider, whites brighter and give you an overall more youthful look…so yes, I would be surprised if any of your clients said no!!!

Some client’s first response to having eyelash extensions is one of confusion as it makes them think of hair extensions and all that fuss and get easily put off. The truth is that once clients get used to having long lashes, they will never want to go back to not having them as they will feel nude and bare!!!

So, how does one introduce the idea of having eyelash extensions.  Well here is my plan!!!

Ask them if they would like longer lashes?

Then ask them if they would like you to show them what they would look like with longer lashes?

If they say yes, you have a few quick and easy options:

Stick on some standard false lashes and get them to look at themselves in mirror.  Make sure they look from the side too, and they can see how much it improves their profile!!! Don’t stick any old ones on, make sure they fit and are right for the client.  Trim them if they are too long, or just trim them right down so you just give them the Audrey Hepburn sweep. You can get eyelash extension wholesale supplies including a box of 20 falsies for £20 from us which you can use as your promotional tool for other eyelash extension services. You could offer walk ins for this service.  Put an A-Board outside that says – Longer lashes in 5 minutes – FREE (which is about how long it would take you to put them on).  Just make sure you get their details so you can follow up and see how they felt about having eyelash extensions!!!


You could suggest you add a few knot free flares to the corners of the eyes to give a subtle look using Flutterfix as you can be assured that they won’t just fall off like so many other quick application false lashes.


You could also, for the braver clients, add a few knot free flares using ProBlend glue so that they get used to waking up with the lashes on and not having to think about mascara.

The idea is to introduce clients to having longer lashes and the opportunity to feel what it would be like to enjoy looking more beautiful!!!

Once they see themselves with lovely, long lashes they will never want to be without them!!

Have fun with it!