The importance of lash extensions preparation for long lasting lashes

With proper lash extensions preparation, your lashes won’t last.  By now, most lash extension technicians, or Lashpreneurs as we call them here at AHFrancis, understand that you must make sure the lashes are clean before you apply lash extensions.

Unfortunately, the lashes aren’t clean enough.  Removing makeup with any old make up remover will not be sufficient to prepare the natural lashes for lash extensions.  If there’s any oil or traces of make up left on the lashes, it will affect the longevity of the adhesives for sure.

There are a number of steps you need to take….

before you start applying the lash extensions to the lashes

Using a proper lash cleanser, like the AHFrancis Foaming Lash Wash, is important to get rid of any traces of make up, mascara, powder or oil so the natural lashes are squeaky clean.

Now you’ve got super clean lashes, you can wipe the lashes over with the protein remover pads.

The scene is set…

Squeaky clean lashes!  But…

The PH value of the natural lashes vary and aren’t necessarily right for the adhesives to dry effortlessly or be very stront.  Due to our relentless research of the longevity of the lashes, our lab came up with a magical essence to bring the natural lashes to an optimum PH value for the adhesives to bond perfectly.  When the PH value is correct, the adhesive will hug to that lash like a cuddly teddy bear.  Your set speed will improve about 50% and your longevity will go through the roof.  It’s madness not to take advantage of modern technology.

Not using Magic Primer is like using one of the old fashion flip phones instead of a funky smart phone.  You just have to keep up with technology!


If you’ve got the right tools and prepare, you won’t fail

Happy lashing ladies xxx