I’ve been thinking lately about self improvement, development and perfection.

Apple are a hugely popular and successful brand. In fact, figures lately have put them firmly at the top of the list when it comes to profitable businesses. Their products are sleek and shiny and beautiful… but they’re not perfect, and Apple knows it. This is why they are constantly bringing out newer, better, more shiny versions of their products. Are we up to iPhone 6 now? There was nothing wrong with the 5, the 4 or any of the others – but the developers at Apple keep looking for ways to improve their product.

Often things seem perfect from a distance, but if you look closely you’ll usually find that it’s not. That beautiful star on the cover of the latest magazine has been airbrushed – but if you looked at her close-up, even with a full face of make-up, there would be flaws there the same as there are on you or I. The magazines airbrush photos to make people look perfect, but perfection is not something that’s necessarily attainable.

That’s not to say that I think you shouldn’t always aim to be the best; you absolutely should always strive to be at the top of your game. What I’m saying is that even if you’re the best in your field, there will always be room for improvement. Apple knows this, and the magazine editors know it too. There will always be something you can tweak, something you can change to make yourself that little bit better.

My advice is to keep your eyes peeled. Constantly update your training and look for new courses you can go on. Check out the competition and make sure you’re doing the very best you can. Keep an eye out for cowboys who seem to be offering something different but it’s actually just the same thing differently packaged. And always make sure you do your research!

This is not just about improving your skill set with courses and training, but also your mind set. It’s about always being in that frame of mind that there’s more left to learn, that you can always be better, faster, more accurate. Practise makes perfect, so the old saying goes – but I don’t think that’s true. I think practise should make us open to more improvement, more challenges, more growth – but never perfection. If we start to think we’ve achieved perfection we stop trying, stop learning, stop growing – while the world around us keeps on going, and we are left behind! I say beware perfection! Aim for constant improvement instead!


Alison xxx