Insurance is something that seems like a nuisance until we need it right?  A bit like when my dining room ceiling literally collapsed on top of the dinner table and just missed my head.  Being lath and plaster, it would most certainly have knocked me out.  I know, it might have knocked some sense into me as my mother would say!  At least I was insured, otherwise it would have been very, very expensive on the pocket!

However, it’s important to make sure that you are insured and the training you do is accredited somewhere to enable you get insurance for the treatments you are doing.  I have heard of therapists pulling their hair out as eyelash extension clients threaten to sue. Usually it does not come to anything, but one day, it just might so, be prepared.

There are different options for insurance, so do a bit of research and make sure you have the right insurance for you.  Don’t be tempted with those little white lies on insurance documents.  You know where you tick electrolysis but you are also doing red veins. Someone taught you to do red veins, but you don’t have a certificate so you pretend to yourself that you are only doing electrolysis when you are doing red veins as well. Then something happens and you wish you hadn’t.  You never bothered to do an official course even though you have now been doing thread veins for years.  It only takes one thing to go wrong and you get a client that is like a dog with a bone.

Save yourself the heart ache and stress.  Do jolly good eyelash extension consultations, appropriate false eyelash patch tests, make sure you manage client’s expectations for transformational treatments and get the right insurance!

Point made!

Be safe.