How often have you ordered something, and it’s arrived later than you hoped? In the last month, three of my deliveries have been delayed! The first one was from an online order; the courier couldn’t find my house and rather than ask someone, just kept sending it back to the depot. The company I had ordered from had proof of postage, and had send the delivery in good faith, but it took twice as long to get to me because the driver was not familiar with the area.

A little while later, I ordered a Liz Earle product that was three days late getting to me; the order appears to have gotten stuck on their website, and then mislaid by good old Royal Mail. Statistically speaking, Royal Mail are quite good; they lose 1 in 4000 parcels – which is a pretty good rate, unless your parcel is that one that gets lost – and then you don’t much care about the statistics, just the missing parcel!

Finally, another courier company promised to deliver some important documents to me last Friday, but they didn’t arrive until the Tuesday. This meant I missed a deadline to place an order for another important delivery.

My point here is simple: we are all at the mercy of delivery companies, and with the best will in the world and all the next-day guarantees they can make, delays do happen. And Murphy’s Law dictates that the only delivery you really need to arrive on time because it’s bringing a product you really need for a treatment with a client the next day… will be the one that’s a couple of days late. In that situation, it doesn’t matter how much the delivery company apologises or refunds carriage charges; your client has still been let down and perhaps had to go elsewhere. If that happens, they are unlikely to return.

You lovely ladies are our clients, and you have clients of your own that you don’t want to disappoint. When you’re waiting for a delivery, whether it’s eyelash glue or the latest new DVD release, it’s incredibly frustrating when it arrives late – or worse – disappears en route!

So what can we do to avoid this happening?

Well, when it comes to late deliveries unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done. These things happen; stressing over it does nothing but increase your stress levels!

Unfortunately once we have picked and packed your order, we’re as much at the mercy of the courier as you, the customer waiting eagerly for your delivery. Our own track record has been 99.9% accurate

The best thing to do is to ensure you always keep a reasonable supply of the products you use. I don’t mean that you should be stockpiling wax in case of an apocalypse; just to agree a general rule that once you’re down to 3 bottles of this product, you’ll place another order. If you know you’ve a large wedding party coming in, never risk a last-minute order; always prepare well in advance for this sort of thing wherever possible.

It’s better to have a little extra than not enough, after all – and your clients will thank you for it!