Top 10 things you need for lash extension technician success

For lash extension technician success, it’s not just about being good at what you do, it’s about having the right mindset too.  Check out these tips that could just give you the edge.

Start now!

1   Give your treatment space a makeover

Having a fresh cared for space to work in will bring in new energy and your clients will appreciate it.  Lash extension technician success is not possible without success being reflected in your space.

2   Give your price list a review

Are you making money?  Check your margins!

3   Brush up on your skills and make sure you are best you can be

If you secretly know that you could improve, work on it!  Lash extension technician success is not possible without the right skills.

4   Choose an inspiring book and read it now!

There are so many fabulous books out there to get you inspired… I recommend Daniel Priestly, Oversubscribed.  That will help you position yourself in the market so that you make money!

5   Check out your competition so you know who they are!

Don’t be in the dark about your competition.  Just because they are cheaper, does not mean you have to bring your prices down, you have to work out your unique offering (are you quicker, better quality etc.).

6   Brush up on your social media presence

If you don’t you’ll get left behind, the world is on social media.  ‘Be there or Be Square’!

7   Invest in yourself

Is there something you need to learn to make life easier, or improve your business?  Do it!

8   Step up your health and vitality

You need energy to grow your business.  Do something for your health like cut out sugar, coffee or drink less alcohol and start eating more superfoods.

9   Check out your retail possibilities

You are missing out if you are not retailing to your clients.  It’s so easy to add a sealer or mascara to your sale.  You could even have other add on products relating to health and beauty on your shelves.  SkinGlo for example could be bringing you in another £500 per month without you having to stock anything.  All you have to do is talk about it!

10  Stop wasting time

It’s easy to waste time browsing Facebook and the internet or checking emails every five minutes. Get organised and focused on your 2017 projects by putting them in the diary and getting started.