Cleansed, secured, primed, bonded and dried

A system that we’ve developed to make lashes easier and to make them last longer. Lash extensions the AHFrancis way is a system designed for fast application and longer lasting lashes.  Over the years, we’ve worked out that you need to do certain things in the right order for lashes to last.

The very first step should be the cleanse.  We used to use protrein remover pads to ensure the lashes are squeaky clean but…

…you don’t need them with the new AHFrancis Lash Extension system!

Instead, all you need to do is cleanse the lashes with the Foaming Lash Wash and you’re ready for the next step.

To be absolutely sure that the adhesive doesn’t run onto the skin or into the hair follicle, you can run No Run along the first 1-2mm of the lash extensions while they’re still in the box.  I absolutely recommend this for the sensitive clients and newbie lash technicians.

Now you’re ready to prime the lashes with the Magic Primer.  Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go with the natural lashes in a perfect PH balance to speed up the adhesive and make the bond even stronger.

Next, you need to apply the lash extensions with your preferred adhesive and when you’re done, apply the Magic Dry.

Magic Dry takes the stress out of worrying what your client does when she leaves the salon.  With Magic Dry, she’ll be walking out the door with lashes that are dry to the core.

Enjoy the new AHFrancis Lash Extension System

Lash extensions the AHF way