Join our exciting 6-week home study programme and master semi-permanent eyelash extensions from the comfort of your own home or salon.

Brand New Home Study Class For Newly Qualified Lashpreneurs
With Live Support From Alison Francis
& Her Team Of Lash Experts
Starting 19th October | On Sale Early October
You Must Already Be Certified
& Insured & Wanting To Perfect Your Technique
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Over the years we’ve re-trained and assisted many lashpreneurs who are already certified and just haven’t got along with lashes.

And we know their problems could have been prevented had we been there to hold their hand right from the start.

You see, practice doesn’t always make perfect

Especially if you’ve not quite nailed your technique, and you haven’t got an expert on hand to answer your questions and review your work.

Many newly accredited lash technicians complete their training and case studies, acquire their certificate and insurance, and then simply give up. Which is a tragic shame.

Because once you’ve mastered the art of being a lashpreneur, it can be a truly lucrative and artistically rewarding career. It’s fully flexible, you can work from anywhere, in a salon or spa, as a mobile therapist, or at home.

And the market for lashes is booming!

If you’re struggling with your technique

It could be for a number of different reasons:

  • You’re struggling to complete a set of lashes quickly enough
  • You’re failing to bond the lash extensions to the natural lashes properly and they fall out too soon
  • Your lash separation technique isn’t quite right
  • You’re not storing your glue properly
  • You’re not using the right glue for your skill level (or your client)
  • You’re not performing a full and proper consultation
  • You’re not patch testing properly
  • And more!

Chances are your confidence is failing fast and you’re beginning to think about throwing in the towel.

However, help is at hand. For the first time, Alison and her team of lash experts are running a 6 week home study class that is designed just for you.

Who can take this class?

You must already be qualified in applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions with a foundation level diploma from AHFrancis or another recognised training provider. And have a valid insurance certificate.

You’ll also need to be committed to following our rigorous 6-week home study programme. This isn’t for the faint hearted, there’s a lot to be done over the 6 weeks – although we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

What do you need to do now?

Places in our class are limited so we can give you the support you need to master this skill. To find out more and be added to our priority list, fill in your details below. We will then contact you when we’re about to put the class on sale.