[blog-header] We caught up with Marie Stansfield, who completed our Express Lashes Home Study Class earlier this year, and asked her a few questions!

A self-employed lashpreneur, Marie’s business has never been busier and Express Lashes have become a great new revenue stream that’s just perfect for her clients. [/blog-header]

How long have you been doing lashes?

“I originally trained in individual lash extensions with AHFrancis in 2006. I was lucky enough to be taught by Alison herself. Lashes were the new thing back then and I just knew I wanted to be in on it.”

Have you any advice for new lashpreneurs?

“To get good at lashes takes practice. There were many times when I struggled with my confidence and, initially, it took a while to produce a set of lashes I was proud of. I worked in many salons carrying out lash extensions. Overtime, I grew more confident and built up my speed. In the ‘old days’ I’d maybe do 2 or 3 full sets a week, but now I’m more a 4 or 5 sets a day girl. So I’d say it’s really important to persevere and not give up.”

What prompted you to take our Express Lashes Home Study Class?

“I think it’s important to continually update my training, as treatments change and clients demand the latest trends and new techniques. I’d been looking to do a new course as I’d heard all the latest buzz words: Russian layering, feathering, 5 and 6d, fans, bottom lashes and express. My head was spinning with it all. So I turned to what, or rather who I knew, and contacted AHFrancis. After a really useful chat about the different techniques and courses, I decided that Express Lashes would be the best for me.”

What did you like about the Class?

“I liked the fact the Class was online, as I’m self employed and have children, so it’s difficult for me to travel to a training centre. We were shown in detail how to apply Express Lashes and there were lots of tips and tricks. There was also a secret Facebook Group so we could be in touch with each other, as well as Alison and Lulu who gave good feedback to all our questions. I had to film my case studies and do ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, which were all assessed at the end and feedback was given to help me improve my technique.”

How have you benefited from the Class?

“I have to say I’m so glad that I learnt how to do Express Lashes. Most of my clients now prefer them to individual lashes, as they can be applied to give a more ‘glamorous’ strip lash look … or as many of my clients say, ‘make me look Essex’. My business has become even busier offering this technique and a very full set only takes 30 to 45 minutes.”